It is according to what you like and may dream of in the realm of painting that I strive for to create for you: handmade copies after old master paintings in historical materials and techniques, paintings on commission, e.g. portraits, decorative painting on walls and furniture – faux marbling, lessons of painting in historical techniques for beginners and professionals as well, presentations and guided tours to the original masterpieces in the Berlin Gemäldegalerie by your choice in German, English and French.

My special interest is to experience old and furthermore to develop new practical techniques of painting for the present days while exploring for this purpose  significant theoretical sources of art history. This means looking for materials and recipes, craftsman’s procedures and aspects of composition and style as well. I pay special attention to the imitation of the original coating of the  paint layers in old masters’ works beginning with the mostly monochromatic underpaintings and finishing with complex colored glazings – all this still remaining in its entire know-how a subject of scientific research!

My lessons in painting, seminars and presentations for beginners and professionals put the focus on the old master painting techniques. This englobes the manufacturing of the colors of pigments and binders as linseed oil or egg and their practical handling in painting.

Lessons in painting

malkurse-smallWhen taking part in my painting lessons you will work and learn individually or if you like within a group among 5 up to 10 participants being guided according to your wishes and skills. I will make you experience basics of traditional painting techniques and show you how to create vivid expression, illusion of light and shade and the sense of materiality. You are invited to discover the beauty of self-made colours of earth pigments.

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Own creations of painting


Having studied traditional painting techniques practically in copying works of the old masters I go on realizing this experience also in paintings by my own. It is dedicated to subjects and motives of nowadays. I directly work after nature, the impressions of it being completed by photographic material and above all the imagination! Welcome in my gallery in my workshop in Pankow!

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Old master painted copies

kopien-smallAccording to your commissions I paint copies of old master works in oil on canvas, and this eye-to-eye with an original masterpiece of your choice in the State’s Museum of Berlin or in other museums as well (authorization needed). When interested you are invited to fix an appointment with me in my workshop in Berlin-Pankow.

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Decorative painting

dekorative-smallI offer you decorative painted creations for your walls or furniture like sokles, tablets, tables, door coverings. I put a special focus on: faux marbling, trompe l’oeil painting. This creates the illusion of further space within your rooms and of the materiality of precious stone while also imitating – with the brush as a tool – the work of a sculptor on it.

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