fröhlich wohnen – Dekorateur Sprockhoff

If you are looking for an interior decorator I would like to recommend to you “fröhlich wohnen” in the Berlin Nikolaiviertel. The wide variety of samples and tendencies of taste I have seen there ranging from classic to trendy or prosaic to luxurious for wallpapers, curtains or cushions et al. fascinates me by its aesthetics and quality. The customer service is so friendly and competent.

When I listen to Mrs. Sprockhoff explaining her techniques of tailoring she practises by herself I only think: Her fine sense for the arts, also expressing it in charming drawings, is a very strong advantage for the customer when trying to find the right interior decoration. It is exactly this striving for choiceness which I have in common with her analogously in painting and practice of old master techniques.

I recommend it and my customers already appreciate it, if her curtains and cushions are combined with my interior painted decorations or her wallpapers with my paintings.

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